Thank you for choosing a Woodland Teddies Creation. I do not offer online ordering as
we need to make sure your furry is still available and sort out the postage since that
differs depending on where you are located.

If you want to check the cost in your currency please click here Personal Currency Assistant

Paying for your furry is simple as we can accept payment in Sterling by EFT, cheque
drawn on UK bank, bankers draft, or even American Express travellers cheques 
(all made payable to Woodland Teddies) or by cash, MasterCard, Visa or Eurocard
and also most debit cards if you have a UK bank account.

The first thing you need to do is email me to make sure the animal you want is still
available and check on the postage costs for your part of the world. Once that has been
sorted out I will forward you a credit card authorisation form that you can complete
and fax or post back to me as your signature would be required for authorisation.

If you wish you can click on this link

Authorisation form

to download a copy of that form now, then you can complete your name, address,
phone number, email address and name of the furry you want to buy then once you
return it to me and I will email you to let you know the postage costs and confirm availability. 
This will be treated as an enquiry and once I have received confirmation from you to say
you want to go ahead you will need to complete the form again in full and fax it back to me
so the order can be processed.
Please note also that when buying by credit or debit card my card processing bank imposes
the requirement that your order must be delivered to the address the card is registered
too and they will not accept card payments from some parts of the world.