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In the deeply dark and wooded
Lives a group of fat and furries
Naughty little furries always
Play all day then scoff ripe berries

As springtime chases snow up mountains
She calls to bears "wake up, come greet me
Feel this world in all its glory
Taste what bees have made so sweetly"

Soon young cubs will need much schooling
Learn when fruits are ripe for picking
Learn which fish will fill their tummies
What is sweet and good for licking

Cowbears and indibums played out in meadows
While little sister picks bright flowers
Or chases pretty flap and flutter
Happy times waste many hours

Then summer comes, too hot for fur coats
So sleep in shade and wait till evening
Lots of new games played in shadows
Till the sandman brings much sleeping

Too soon the glow of autumn finds them
Furries now must store for winter
While the fruits are ripe and ready
While the Salmon swim back up river

Autumn leaves make young bears dizzy
Running round to chase them falling
Drop to ground and sleep on soft ones
Till they hear their mummies calling

Then winter comes so wet and horrid
Furries now go sleep with mummies
Away from cold and flaky white stuff
All cosy safe on fat warm tummies

© Rita Harwood - Woodland Teddies Loughborough, 1999


Size Approx 9 ins head to tail

Bernie and his brothers will be available in dense Alpaca while his sisters will be available in Mohair. They will each have the trade mark hand moulded  leather nose. 
Paw pads will be leather or suede and the eyes black glass.
Other colours will be possible



Joints  6 jointed for extra posability - nut and bolt throughout

Face airbrushed to accentuate eyes, ears and muzzle.  Soft sculpted face, extra neck joint.  Brass personalized name tag. 

As with all Woodland Teddies Bernie and his family will have tails

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