Other Styles
Hand dyed
Semi Traditional
Size Podge 13.5 in, Barney 14 in, Jodie 15 inch
Materials Beautiful wavy German mohair, leather nose, individual paw pads and pisform pad. Hand made fimo claws, Hand painted glass eyes, medium growler
Filling Polyester filled body poly and pellets in arms & legs, wood wool filled head and poly filled tail
Joints Nut and bolt throughout

Lovely smiling pot bellied furries that love to be picked up and cuddled
  The claws may look fierce but these little darlings are too young to think they are used for anything other than climbing trees

Other Individually hand moulded nose and paw pads, Brass personalized name tag. Fitted with growler. Unique handmade, hand painted claws throughout. Hand painted eyes.
Family group of 3 different designs of a Kodiak cub but sharing same facial appearance. Each bear offers facial sculpting, contrasting colour muzzle and chest
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