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I love animals and wouldn't be making furry versions of them today if the influence from the ones living with me hadn't been so strong that my new bear designs were beginning to look like my cats so I gave up and made a cat instead. 
Many of my furries already contain aspects of my family, however I am working on designs of each one in fur so I will always have a physical reminder of their beauty and character; these aren't intended to be exact copies but my attempt to capture the essence of what makes them so very special.

Naturally I won't be selling them but if you have a special companion who shares your life and you would like me to do the same for you then why not drop me a line and enclose a few photographs - they will be returned. Otherwise if you are looking for something really special as a truly unique gift for a friend or member of your family then why not let me make a furry especially for them.

Depending on what you want it may not be a quick process since I may have to source the fabric and some furs are really difficult to find, or I may need to create a new design from scratch and prototype the design but if you are not in a hurry and want something really special then it can be worth the wait. I have already made cats using photos for other bears artists and  bears that suited the buyers particular tastes and in each case the new owner appears to be very happy with the results.

We would need to chat so that I can find out something about your requirements but that can be by phone or email rather than face to face. The price varies depending on the materials and the volume of work involved but if you can be patient and allow me to fit the work in around other commitments you could be pleasantly surprised. 

At the moment I am only offering this service for cats and bears although I hope to include dogs further down the line. 

Designing and making a new cat from photographs is a slow process on average taking at least three months and that is when I can easily find suitable fabrics so don't expect to send photos one day and get the results a week later as it just does happen that fast, bears are not so complicated so creating a new bear design wont take so long.. 

If you want me to work from a photo of a pet you'll also need to tell me about your companion as there are things like dimensions that I cannot get from a photo. 

What would it cost 
As I have already said it isn't a quick process and it does involve a lot of work and Woodland Teddies are predominantly hand sewn so at least three weeks will be spent sewing the prototype and then the finished cat and during which time nothing else gets done nevertheless I have tried to keep the costs manageable.

I would need to look at the photographs of each individual cat before I could give a realistic assessment of the amount of work that would be involved in making your cat but purely as a guide a small to medium sized cat in a single colour should cost about £200 while a larger version in single colour could go up to £250. 

Having to match the patterns on multi coloured cats or design something particularly difficult like a multi toned Siamese would naturally increase the volume of work and hence the costs. If you look at cats already done you can get a better idea of final costs and timings