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Mummy Cat Delphi

Baby Cat Pascal

Size 17ins Long x 11ins High  6 inches long x 5 inches tall
Materials Beautiful dense German ginger tabby mohair, slightly shorter on feet

Hand moulded leather nose and paw pads, suede inner ears.

Ginger tabby mohair, Suede feel with embossed pads

Hand moulded leather nose suede inner ears.

Filling Polyester in arms and legs but tummy contains a sack of glass beads and plastic pellets so that she can sit in a variety of positions Steel shot to weight tail and feet held in place with polyester filling. poly in head and tummy contains a sack of glass beads and plastic pellets for weight and a nice kitteny  feel
Joints Nut and bolt throughout Head only Nut and bolt

Wired tail , waxed cotton and hair whiskers, glass hand lidded eyes. Individually hand moulded leather toes/pads & dew claws, collar, bell, name tag and purring mechanism

Her rear legs are shaped and she can  twist her body for a variety of positions - she can also carry a kitten below her mouth.

Weighted tail , real hair whiskers, sleepy eyes.

She has been weighted with steel shot and glass beads to give her a realistic weight and feel and allow her to curl and flop about like a kitten

Can sit, curl, hang, feed  or lie