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Ursimus Polar bear cub

Size 13 ins
Materials individual front paw pads (leather)  fabric fingers at rear plus leather heal pads. Glass eyes, growler, leather pouch and push button featuring Lara’s theme.
Filling Polyester filled body poly and pellets in arms legs, wood wool filled head and poly filled tail.
Joints Cotter Pin throughout
Ursimus, which comes from the Latin name for Polar bear (Ursimus Maritimus) is a Hand sewn fully featured polar bear cub made using luxurious 25mm German mohair.

He stands 13ins tall and took roughly 50 hours to make. Like his real counterpart he growls, has a rounded back/bottom shape and small tucked under tail. His rear paws have sewn toes while his front paws have individually attached leather toes and also like real bears, he has a lower pisform pad beneath each of his front paws. He has 14mm black boot button eyes with the sockets painted to enhance his expression.

If you think he is familiar it might be because his picture was printed in an issue of Teddy Bear Club International toward the end of 1999


Other Facial shading and soft sculpting. Brass personalized name tag. Fitted with growler Has leather pouch which contains music button that plays Lara's theme for the film From Russia with Love
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