Size Noel - 15 ins tall but you choose size of your bear
Materials Dense mohair or Alpaca. Leather or embroidered nose, suede or fully featured paw pads. Glass eyes. The choice is yours
Filling Polyester filled body poly and pellets in arms legs, wood wool filled head and poly filled tail. Again you chose the type of filling you want for your bear
Joints Cotter Pin or nut bolt throughout as preferred.
Noel is happy little bear designed to have some of the characteristics of my spouse. He is one of my early bears so not a proper caricature of Alan (see picture in the about Woodland Teddies section for a comparison) rather a gentle reminder for rare those times when we are apart.  Naturally the original isn't for sale but I would be happy to make bears based on your friends or family members, just send a photo and tell me what kind of bear you would like and in what material and I will provide a quote 

If you think Noel is familiar it might be because this picture was printed in the March 2000 issue of Teddy Bear Club International


Other Soft sculpted face. Brass personalised name tag. Waist coat, hankie, bow tie. Glasses if applicable. Fitted with medium growler
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