Semi Traditional
Bear range
Rainbow dyed
Hand dyed
Semi Traditional


Size 15 inches standing
Other Individually hand moulded nose soft sculpted face and paws, which are fully lined and needle sculpted.

Brass personalized name tag.  Pretty Bow.  Fitted with old style growler.

Includes laminated poem

Edition  5 maximum

Ribena got his name, because he likes the drink
that tasty purple nectar, keeps him in the pink

he's really rather naughty because he drinks it all
so now he's quite a fatty bear when once he was quite small

He's such a little toerag,  and wont stay off the juice
But at least they've made it toothkind so his teeth won't all go loose

He spends the whole day guzzling with currants at his feet
and berries stain his face and bib he loves sweet things to eat  

and when hes sweetly dreaming its not of fish and honey
but a massive pile of blackcurrants all hiding in his tummy

Seen in Teddy Bear Times

Materials Beautiful wavy mohair black to chest, remainder purple tipped with black. leather nose and soft sculpted paw pads,  black glass eyes, lilac lashes.
Joints Nut and bolt throughout
Filling Polyester in arms,  legs and head. Tummy contains a sack of glass beads and pellets above a sack of steel shot surrounded by loose polyester and the growler.

Areas to  neck, bottom adn around the joints  are harder packed with polyester