Size     Peng-you


almost 8 inches

almost 7 inches

Materials short black and short white dense mohair's

leather nose, glass eyes and suede paw pads

Filling Polyester and pellet filled
Joints Peng-you  uses nut & bolts

Su-lin  uses cotter pins

I have always felt Pandas are the most beautiful creatures and their gentle natures make them a treasure we should relish, yet there are so few left in the world. 

If something isn't done to help Pandas in the wild these and others like them will be the only reminder of what was once perhaps the most majestic of bears and that would be a tragedy.  

Apart from a little half Panda who flies around in my spouses model plane these are my only attempt at Pandas so far but do watch out for a larger version 

Other Two tone body and face, soft sculpted face, hand moulded nose, airbrushed markings on tummy and tail
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