Birthday Bearies - Pretty hand decorated bearies available as girl or boy bearies, each one made up to depict the characteristics and  colours for each month of the year/sign of the zodiac

Each Bearie comes with a laminated card providing a picture of the bear on one side and the Zodiac characteristics on the other side

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If shown in gray they are not ready to be viewed yet Unless I get special requests the girl bears are being made before the boy bears so initially the individual signs will show a girl bear with the characteristics and colours etc for that sign

Size Approx 9.5 ins Filling Polyester to head and arms but tummy will include small sacks of steel shot and glass beads and special editions may include small sacks of shot or beads in feet
Price actual prices will depend on extras wanted see examples of Pisces boys Joints Nut and bolt throughout

Long mohair with a second coloured mohair for the inside of her ears and the tip of her tail.  Includes the trade mark hand moulded Woodland Teddies leather nose appropriately dyed and the paw pads are made using suede or leather.  All bears will have glass eyes.  The mohair's used for girls may be slightly longer than that used for the boys, boys may have lidded  hand painted eyes.. 
Special editions will also be available in unique colours and with hand made accessories - see star sign for examples or some already made and prices


The bears face will be needle sculpted to give shape and definition and then painted to accentuate eyes, ears and muzzle or a particular characteristic of the star sign for example the Aries bearie on the right wears a painted Tiger mask to match the flower for that sign and her name, which is Tiger Lily.  Woodland Teddies wear a brass personalized name tag. 

As with all Woodland Teddies each bears has a tail which may be two tone or in contrasting colour to suit the sign

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