Other Styles
Hand dyed
Semi Traditional
Size When on all fours approx. 24ins Long x 11 ins high not including tail
Materials Warm reddish brown mohair, hand moulded leather nose, individual paw pads, claw sheathes and claws. Hand painted (contrasting two shades of brown) glass eyes, large old style growler.

Individually hand made & painted fimo claws.

Filling Polyester and plastic pellets in body and legs, poly filled face and poly filled tail.
Joints Nut and bolt throughout. Double neck joints.
Happy little bear who loves to nuzzle about looking for goodies like truffles which he can easily find in the garden of his lovely home in Peterborough
Other Facial shading, Individually hand moulded nose and paw pads, Brass personalized name tag. Large old style hardboard growler. Double jointed neck allows bear to look forward from all positions including seated or while on all fours
Fully featured bear with claws and extra neck joint so that he can look forward in any position.
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