Size 20 ins
Materials Luxuriously dense tipped quality synthetic, embroidered nose, individual leather fingers, toes and paw pads. Suede eyelids, glass eyes
Filling Polyester filled body poly and pellets in arms & legs, wood wool filled head and poly filled tail
Joints Cotter Pin and nut and bolt - features own design look up neck joint
A big cute and cuddly bruin ready to play and always in need of a cuddle

Frank is a large fully featured bear my own design 'look-up' neck joint that allows him to look forward on all fours as well as when standing or sitting.

'Frank' was entirely hand sewn, he has suede eyelids leather fingers and has been fitted with a large old style growler.

Other Facial shading and soft sculpting. Brass personalized name tag. Large growler. Look up neck allows bear to look forward from all positions including seated or while on all fours.
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