B-yelay and B-yelinja all fours polar bears

Size Approx. 18ins Long x 9ins High + tail
Materials German quality dense off white mohair, boy straight, girl wavy, black leather nose, individual paw pads and pisform pad, glass eyes, large growler. Lurex and voile fish with goggle eyes and sequin scale line.
Filling Bears - Polyester and plastic pellets in body and legs, poly filled face and poly filled tail.
Polyester filled fish.
Joints Nut and bolt throughout
Polar bears are said to be natures most ferocious bears because they are the only ones who will actively hunt man (perhaps they are only getting their own back after all man has hunted them for years) but these little beauties wouldn't hurt a fly; bubbles their fish is still smiling and they have been playing with him for ages.  
Other Facial shading, Individually hand moulded nose and paw pads, short tail. Brass personalized name tag. Large old style hardboard growler. Bears designed to be able to look forward when seated or while on all fours. Also available with a full set of long hand moulded claws
Lovely White polar bears with black hand moulded leather paw and nose features as featured in Teddy Bear Club International.

Russian brother and sister all fours polar bears with hand made Woodland Teddies fish called Bubbles

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