Hi all, I no longer provide email links that automatically open outlook or other email software so you can email me, this is because in the past my links have been captured and misused by spammers causing my mail box to be flooded with spam and perhaps worst still my email address to be fraudulently used by others to send spam out pretending to be from Woodland Teddies.
Spammers usually use software that trawls websites collecting email addresses from links, that cannot be done automatically from images so to reach me by email please use the email address shown in this image and your normal mail program


Also while I do occasionally email customers from my private email address, if you receive a reply from Woodland Teddies that doesn't come from rita treat it as suspect as I have stopped using other prefixes because of the spam problem.

Sorry for any inconvenience but this is done to protect both of us - any problems call me on 01509 267597