Woodland Teddies bearmaking supplies lidded bears eyes


These are made by hand to fit an individual pair of eyes which will need to be ordered or supplied separately; once fitted they cannot be removed.
Please choose your prefered style of eyes from our Eyes page and the appropriate cost will be added to your invoice.

Ultrasuede eyelids great for wacky animals
£1 per pair please state colour preference

Taxidermy Style for realistic bears and cats £1.50 per pair

Eyelid Facts

1) It can take between 15-60 minutes to create a single pair of eyelids
2) Each pair is made and painted entirely by hand so no two pairs will be exactly the same
3) Suede eyelids are glued to the back of the eye to stop them slipping and can be coloured to give all sorts of pretty effects
4) Taxidermy style eyelids can be made using epoxy, cold porcelain, polymer clay and even by folding tissue paper and combining it with a setting agent all of which needs to dry or set before it can be painted which is part of why it is such a time consuming process
5) Ultrasuede eyelids add approx 2mm to the overall size of the eye whereas depending on the eye size taxidermy style eyelids can add up to 5mm to the finished size
6) For a truely realistic look you can needle sculpt eye sockets to fit the lidded eyes into.
7) All Mammals have eyelids but fish and snakes can't close their eyes so dont need eyelids while some lizards require two pairs of eyelids one to protect one to use as normal