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I start with an idea usually inspired by something I have seen in the natural world although sometimes the links are a little tenuous for example my wacky hand dyed bear colours are often inspired by flowers or butterflies I share my life with three beautiful cats so I there is no  shortage of willing models for my cat designs

New designs require research so that I can get a better idea of actual sizes -
however not all of my subjects co-operate with this

I try to make my creations accurate so they all have tails and most larger furries have a voice (for example the bears growl or squeak and my cats meow or purr)

Next, with the aid of my computer, I create my pattern and then I test and adjust it until I am happy with the results, 

Finally I make a card or Mylar pattern, which will be used for any furries created from my new design

Choosing the right materials

It's important to use the right materials for the job - even if that means making a component that doesn't already exist. All Woodland Teddies are made using the finest quality mohair, alpaca or synthetics and include leather or suede features and some also have fimo items like teeth and claws. 


Unless I am really confident with my design the next stage involves creating a prototype before committing it to expensive fabrics.   As you can see only my most experienced helpers are allowed to have a hand in this

Ready for the off

Finally a new furry is born and ready for me to
add the final touches. 

Although a little apprehensive the little chap in this picture is then ready to go to his new home