Norbert the Green Dragon

Norbert the Green Dragon is a cheeky chap and the first of my dragons that is being offered for sale
Being the Green Dragon I felt he needed a link with alcohol so in one picture he has been given a bottle of champers to fuel his fire breathing antics

He was made using a mixture of green wools with bands of a pale creamy greens on his body, various shades of green and yellow scales plus cold green and black spines to his ear and body wings.  There are two sets of those the lower set are needle felted with seed bead ribbing on the backs white above those are a set of iridescent wings made from a new fabric that shimmers and sparkles; very pretty and most decidedly wing like

Norbert measures 26cm from toes to tip of tail and 23cm to the top of his golden horn. He also has white fangs either side of his tongue, braided curls on his head and
carries some of his dragons hoard of jewels on his back.

Click on the picture if you would like to see a bigger version