Size 9 inches
Materials Long Mohair on head, long white mohair tail and dense mohair on body, arms and legs. Suedette inset face, leather mask.  Hand moulded leather nose, glass eyes and suede inner ears, suedette eye lids and paw pads 
Filling Polyester 
Joints Not and Bolt, cotter pin to head

I’m a beary faced monster, 
as fierce as fierce can be

I’m big and gruff and really tough, 
they’re all afraid of me

I’ve just been through the bee hives, 
sweet honey fills my tum

but now I'd better scarper, 
cos I can hear my mum

Other Hand painted hands and feet, suede eyelids, Leather removable Dick Turpin Mark, squeaker in tummy
Edition Unlimited
 Beary Faced Monster - Domino   © Copyright Woodland Teddies, Loughborough 2000    TOP OF PAGE