Woodland Teddies Miniature Rosie Rabbit
Placed next to a UK 2 pound coin you can see Rosie is my tiniest creation yet, a small rabbit with hand painted feet and paws and my trade mark hand moulded nose with nostrils - suede this time rather than leather as I couldn't find any suitable leather that was soft enough to mould into a nose this small.

Rosie was an experiment to see if I could make a furry this small - she took a day to make which surprised me as I normally spend at least a couple of days on each bear but then she was really small so there was less sewing

Size 2.5 inches
Materials Two complementary plush mini bear fabrics, longer synthetic for the bob tail, suede paws and the Woodland teddies hand moulded suede nose.
Filling Polyester
Other Glass wired eyes, hand painted paw pads, wired ears
Joints Cotter pin
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