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One to One Masterclass

Do you find it difficult getting to organised workshops
then this might just be the solution you need

One to one tutorials are designed for people who want intensive tutoring on a specific subject but cannot find what they want or are too busy to attend on the dates organised workshops are set.  

Normally I would come to you then we would spend the day covering which ever aspects of bear making or design you have specified. 

Master classes could be arranged around the following subjects:-

Creative Dyeing
Working with heads
Working with feet
Creating cats (dogs, dragons or whatever)
Creating Patterns using Coral Draw,
Designing your own bears
Creating your own look

Master classes are great when you want to master specific techniques fast;  you choose the subject matter then the day is tailored to meet your specific needs so I would need to know what you wanted to learn and then be given sufficient time to prepare the day before we went ahead.

Costs vary depending on what you want to learn and where you are situated but they can be as low as £75 for the day so why not give me a call.

Many of my students prefer having my full attention to sharing my time with others but if you like the idea of a custom workshop but have a couple of friends who would also be interested in what you have planned I would be happy to accommodate up to three students on a custom workshop contact me for prices.

* Costs for the workshops include my prep work, a workbook and my time on the day; the only extras would be for any expenses I might incur in order to reach you or needed to tailor a course to your specific needs and for any materials you do not supply yourself.

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