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Colourful  Bearies C

Level Beginner/Int
Experience Required You should be able to follow a kit  or pattern
When TBA
Time 9:30 - 6:30
Where Leicester

Workshop, workbook refreshments and all materials included

cost £ 105

Refreshments provided

01509 267597
Welcome to our most popular workshop
Colourful  Bearies  
enjoyed by bear makers all over the world

With it becoming harder and harder to get the right mohair, in the right colour and when you want it, this workshop is designed to teach you what you need to know to be able to create your own beautifully colourful teddies using what you already have or easy to get loomstate and off white mohair.

The workshop was designed to suit everyone from beginners to experienced bear makers and will enable students to learn first hand the various techniques of dyeing a mohair bear any colour you want.

During the day you will be shown how to dip dye the various parts of your bears legs, arms, tummy head, ears in stages then you be given time to practice the same methods with your own bear. 
Click below to see the bears you can make and other students work
Traditional Semi traditional
Wacky Workshop dyed bears

The day is yours but most people come onto this workshop with a fairly conservative colour scheme in mind but once they realise that dyeing can be enjoyable and not nearly as daunting as it seems they often go away with rainbow coloured bears which have different coloured tummies, tipped ears, variegated arms and legs, paler muzzle etc

When choosing your bear for the day I can offer no less than 12 designs including Quince, Periwinkle, Honey, Haldir, Calypso, Loreli, Bermuda, Angelo, Jezzy, Fire monster, Buttercup and Jaffacake - click below to see bears

By attending you will receive also a comprehensive pocketed and bound full colour workbook that not only takes you through the various processes you will have learned on the day but also covers colour mixing theory and introduces other dyeing techniques such as working with natural everyday products to obtain your colours.


You will need to bring an old towel and something to take your damp bear away in

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