Mitch the Needlefeted Brown Bear

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Mitch was hand sculpted over a wire armature by repeatedly adding and working raw wool with felting needles until it formed the desired core shape

Once the core is built more wool is added and worked to build up the various muscle structures, face and body shapes that give him his final Teddy bear appearance.

The internal structure means he can be repositioned to take on a variety of different poses

He is a cute design that takes around 3-4 days to complete

Size 3.5 inches tall in a seated position as shown here
Materials Merino and English Wools.
Wire internal armature
Black Glass eyes
Nylon for whiskers
Hand formed polymer clay sewn nose
Internal Structure Hand formed armature made from 1.5mm aluminium wire; I design and make all armatures myself

Mitch the Brown Teddy Bear
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