Can stand, sit, lay or just laze around and many have bodies that also allow them to lick, twist, scratch and curl




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Monet Purring Fantasy Cat   Sorry Monet has been Sold

Size Approx. 15ins Long x 12ins high plus tail
or 14ins tall when seated
Materials and Dyeing This is a fantasy Forest cat which took a considerable time to dye and create.  He was made from the best
100mm dense white Schulte Kid Mohair that was uniquely hand dyed so the inner fur is green but the tips are in the colours of heather ( lavender, pink, ultraviolet, harebell but also in the patterning of a Siamese or Birman
The results are lovely but this process turned out to be so time
consuming that I am not planning on doing it again.
Shorter fur was used on the lower parts of arms, legs and paws, which was also hand dyed. He also has a moulded leather nose and individually created suede paw pads, suede inner ears and is fitted with the unique Woodland Teddies Purr
Fillers Polyester and elastomer pellets in body
So she can twist and bend body, wires in tail and front legs so she can bend feet and tail
This enables her to assume many different poses
Joints Nut and bolt throughout
Other Info Can sit, stand, lay or twist body.
This cat really purrs
Lidded and hand painted Turquoise glass cats eyes
She also has a wired tail and front legs, waxed whiskers, armatures, individually hand moulded toes/pads, collar, bell, name tag

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