Woodland Teddies Black Cat
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Can stand, sit, lay or just laze around and many have bodies that also allow them to lick, twist, scratch and curl




If you like cats there is bound to be something here to delight you

From Award Winning realistic purring pusscats with individual toe pads, dew claws, teeth, claws and posable tails to enchanting little terrors with cuddly pellet filled tummies and the softest silky fur coats

Pretty Puss cat soft and sweet
you have no work to do.
Curled upon my pillow
who's Mistress me or you

Beautiful black feline based on my laziest cat Willow who spends most of the day curled up on her favorite chair or my bed with her head on her own spice scented pillow

Size 15ins Long x 11ins High 
Materials Beautiful black straight mid length mohair with a real cat feel - very soft and silky. Hand moulded leather nose and paw pads, suede inner ears.
Filling Polyester and plastic pellets so can twist and bend body, and bend feet and tail to enable maximum number of different poses
Joints Nut and bolt throughout
Other Her body twists so she can be stand, sit, lay or curl

Weighted Tail, sterilized course hair whiskers, hand painted eyes . Individually hand moulded leather toes/pads & dew claws, collar, bell, name tag and purring mechanism

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