Can stand, sit, lay or just laze around and many have bodies that also allow them to lick, twist, scratch and curl


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Size Life size White Persian with mouse

Approx. 15ins Long x 12ins High +  tail or 14ins tall when seated 


Simply the best 100mm dense Schulte Mohair. Shorter white mohair on paws, and moulded leather nose and suede paw pads, suede inner ears. 
Hand moulded cold porcelain fangs and claws


Polyester and plastic pellets so can twist and bend body, and bend feet and tail to enable maximum number of different poses 

Joints Nut and bolt throughout

Cat Collar with bell
Armatures in both front arms
Can sit, stand, lay or twist body.
Purrs - Wired Tail, waxed whiskers, hand painted eyes & facial shading individually hand moulded leather toes/pads, collar, bell, name tag. 
Glass eyes and hand formed eyelids
Hand moulded fangs & claws option with
White or gray fur mouse

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