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Kits for bears, dogs, cats or other needle felted creations fantasy or realistic
 - if you can't see what you want then ask and we will make one to suit

Kit 1 Needle Felting Magic Comprehensive Starter Kit
Perfect for beginners contains everything you need to make your first two teddies
Needlefelting magic, four different felting needles, a high density foam, 2 prs glass eyes, two main finishing wools in Natural, traditional or colourful shades - you choose
Approx 5g each of two contrasting wools so you can enhance your creations
A handful of polyester fibres that you can use to start each of your bears
The threads you need to make the nose, claws and also joint your bears


In kits below you choose your wool colours - hanks 20- 25g, enough for a single 3in bear or should make 3 fleece dogs if you are following guidelines in the Fleece dog book
Kit 2 Supplies only set of four needles, high density foam, 6 hanks English wool 10.00
Kit 3 Supplies only set of four needles in holders, high density foam 6 hanks wool 11.00
Kit 4 as kit 2 with Needlefelting Magic and spare needle (no eyes) 23.00
Kit 4E as kit 4S but adding 6 pairs of small eyes so your bears can see 27.00
Kit 5 Large Supplies Kit, 14 hanks of English wool, Needle set and foam 18.00

Natural colours supplies kit 16.00
The perfect supplies kit for all of your natural animal projects
3 mtrs Armature wire, a high density foam, 6 pairs small black glass eyes, 36T, 38S, 40T and Crown Needles, 6 hanks of  wool giving you a great range of animal shades

Click to see a variety of Needlefelting Books available with or without supplies kits
Fuzzy felted friends and natural colours supplies kit 24.99
Needlefelting Magic and Natural Supplies Kit 28.50
Forget those low density thin foams that give little protection get the ultimate in finger and knee protection

with a high density thick block of foam

Depending on availablility we can ususally offer three sizes all nice and deep to keep you safe
as our foams are all 3.5 to 6 inches thick.

Sizes available

Small perfect for when you are on the move - £1

Medium great for most projects - £1.50

Extra large for large projects or to provide a base for artwork - £2.

All needles come in protective storage cover Needle Fitted in holder
36 Triangle Needle
Basic needle to start you felting
65p 90p
38 Star Needle finer needle for adding detail 70p 95p
Crown Needle 3 barbs at end for ears, scales, wings 70p 95p
40 Triangle Needle
Our finest needle used for finishing
70p 95p
Full set of 4 Needles 2.50 3.50
How to create armatures
Instructions and patterns for creating your own armatures for a variety of subjects including dogs, cats, people etc
How to Use Armatures
Techniques to produce a needle felted bear
Both of the above 8
Needlefelting kits and patterns
Subject Pattern Kit
Beginners project - Halloween Pumpkins £6 £13
Tarka the Otter £6 £15
Turtle and Tortoise £6 £14
armature wire 1.5mm core to make your own 5p per metre
Create natural looking bears by felting around a frame - easy to do and no need to set the scale of the bear  yourself since the frame does that for you.
Just wrap the wool around the frame and felt in situ adding more where you want fatter areas and muscles etc.
When choosing the size note the finished bear will be about 2 ins bigger than his frame.

Other animals can also be made available so if you want something else please ask
Small Armature size
1 - 2 inch
25- 50mm
2 - 4 inch
(50 - 100 mm)
over 4 inch - 100mm +