Needle Felting Wools

Large balls of beautifully dyed wool in the right count for 3d needlefelting
currently 70 beautiful fashion shades great for rapid felting.
  Small just 50p - enough for a fleece dog, approx 10g   
Large  enough for a 3/4 inch bear, approx 20-25g   1   

We have an incredible range of factory dyed wools but if you still cant find what you require we can hand dye white Corridale to create colours just for you using a palette of 33 beautiful and fully inter mixable colours

call for more details

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Roving used to embellish needlefelted creations or teddies available in two styles
, dreadlocks as used for the Hawaiian bear and spun rainbow strands

Small bags containing 20 dreads enough for a small bear or 10gms Roving 75p Back to top

1   Dreads
     available in 


2    Autumn mix
3    Pinks/Lilacs
4    Shades of
5    Rainbow
6    Purples/Blues
7    Shades of
8    Parrot blend 


Curly locks

Providing hair styles for felts or bears

Colours vary according to availability currently Black, Dark Brown and Ivory

for 25g state colours
very DK Brown/Black,

Shown at rear dark brown tipped ideal for lambs or poodles note these are not locks

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Blends are very much subject to availability so call or email for current stocks

Merino Blends as available
Approx 10g for 95p
Great for felt art projects

Each blend offers a mix of colours so you can add stripes or pick out shades to use to create a mottled effect.
Note some blends include silk
Please note P&P is additional and calculated according
to weight and the final size of the overall package
Colours shown are subject to fashion fluctuations and all weights are approximate