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We are the UK Distributor of this wonderful 'must have' book for all Teddy Bear Makers

I cannot rate this book highly enough, it's full of all you'll ever need to know to make your own amazing jointed needle felted teddies.

Learn where to begin, what to use and how to do everything from the basics to advanced techniques like making toes and fingers, adding paw pads, jowls, eyebrows, shading to bears and pandas and even how top create easy peasy open mouthed characters. Barbara clearly loves making these wonderful characters and once you get hold of a copy of her book I am sure you will join her rapidly growing league of grateful admirers.


Comprehensive Starter Kit
Perfect for beginners contains everything you need to make your first two teddies, a copy of Needlefelting magic, four different felting needles, a high density foam, 2 prs glass eyes, two main finishing wools in Natural, traditional or colourful shades - you choose.

You also get approx 5g each of two contrasting wools so you can enhance your creations, a handful of polyester fibres that you can use to start each of your bears, the threads you need to make the nose, claws and also joint your bears.
You can choose from Naturals, Traditional Teddies or Colourful bears


Teddies Galore Comprehensive Bear making Kit
Needlefelting is a wonderful hobby and highly addictive so why give the post office or the other delivery companies extra profits when it wont be long before you'll want to restock on wools and eyes so that you can continue making these lovely little animals

Teddies Galore also comes with a copy of Needlefelting Magic, four different felting needles and a high density foam as before but with this kit you get 6 prs of 1-5mm glass eyes (you choose which size or we will include an assorted pack), you can also choose which six wool colours you want from our wools page and, as with the beginners kit we will throw some polyester fibres so that you can use those to start each of your bears and make you main colours go further plus the threads you need to make the nose, claws and also joint your bears so the only thing you will need to supply is a needle to string your bears together, fit the eyes and make the nose