Welcome to my gallery section which shows many of the creations I have designed and created over the last 20 years whether for myself or for others.

These are not for sale because I have retired but I collect furries too so I might be tempted to make something for a swap if you have something I would like to add to my own collection

Most recent creations- animals I made before retiring
Fabulous Felines - realistic Cats and Kittens and a few wackier friends
Delightful Hound Dogs - meet extremely realistic doggies and their crazier friends
Crazy Critters  - from Squirrels to Rabbits this is where you'll find every thing else
Beautiful Bruins - Realistic and traditionally designed bears of all sizes
Rainbows - our flagship bears - beautiful bears hand dyed in a rainbow of colour
Hand dyed  -  other crazy hand dyed bears,  dragons and monsters all completely OTT
Birthday from Aries to Pisces we have at least one bear for every star sign
Characters - Secret Agents, Vicars and romantics
Wacky - Clowns and the rest of the wackier creations
Semi Traditional - traditional bears with a difference
Traditional - closer to bears or yesterday in teddy bear colours
Miniature smaller bears, pandas and felines
Commissions - Designed and made to order furries of all shapes and sizes
Needlefelted creations - adorable creatures sculpted over many days from wool
When looking through the furries on this website it is important to remember that Woodland Teddy are not made by machine and that even the smallest traditional ones  take a minimum of three to four days to create; with the wackier or fully featured animals taking much as much as 72 hours, not including dyeing times where applicable.

They are not machined, made by anyone other than the artist nor mass produced so despite many of them being one of a kind, each new design has been thought up, turned into a pattern and prototyped before, using the finest materials available, it is loving created by hand using techniques, accessories and hand dyeing methods developed by the artist herself.

Woodland Teddies are a work of art and by maintaining these high and demanding standards I trust the will remain both unique and very special and bring years of enjoyment to all.